Bobby Lane is on the water with a prototype Berkley swim jig that is scheduled to be available in the fall of 2021. There will be a finesse and heavy cover version of this lure. In this video, Bobby Lane talks about the heavy cover version, with a heavy gauge flipping hook. Bobby talks about the tackle he uses when fishing a swim jig in heavy cover and the trailers he likes to fish. Then Lane goes to the front of the boat to demonstrate his favorite retrieve, talk about when and where he likes to fish this swim jig and his favorite colors.

  • 0:17 Bobby Lane loves to fish a heavy cover swim jig
  • 1:26 Tackle for heavy cover swim jig fishing (rod, reel, line & more)
  • 4:08 Prototype Berkley swim jig that is expected to be available in fall 2021
  • 6:17 Trailers for heavy cover swim jigs Berkley Powerbait Grass Pig Swimbait & Berkley Powerbait Rocket Craw
  • 10:33 Getting a good hookset when a bass eats a heavy cover swim jig
  • 12:04 Demonstration of fishing the new Berkley swim jig in heavy cover and quick recap of the tackle and setup Bobby Lane uses to fish them
  • 15:10 Bobby Lane's preferred retrieve (how to fish a heavy cover swim jig demonstration) so you get a good action and are in position for a good hookset
  • 17:34 When to fish a Berkley heavy cover swim jig
  • 19:29 More on how to fish a swim jig in cover
  • 20:26 More on when & where to fish a Berkley swim jig in cover
  • 22:28 Best swim jig colors and making color changes
  • 27:36 Water temperature for fishing a swim jig & fish catch
  • 29:02 What Bobby Lane has learned about covering water effectively from his years of tournament bass fishing

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