Meet Bobby Lane, a skilled angler who has earned the title of MLF Redcrest Champion and is highly regarded in the world of professional fishing.

Join us in this special session at Bass University, where Bobby shares insights about his go-to lure for the fall – the lipless crankbait. Bobby explains the techniques for fishing with the lipless crankbait and discusses the various ways to retrieve the bait in to attract fish.

Bobby also delves into the essential details of his fishing gear, including the rod, reel, and line setup. This information is crucial when using baits with multiple hooks (treble hooks). Additionally, Bobby reveals key areas to look for and target for the lipless crankbait, emphasizing his love for fishing it in the grass and swiftly pulling it out to provoke strikes.

In this session, you'll discover how to tie two different knots, master the art of fishing with a lipless crankbait, and gain valuable insights from Bobby Lane. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your fishing skills with the remastered Bobby Lane Lipless Crankbait on the water class with The Bass University.

Bobby Lane On-Water Lipless Crankbait Bass Fishing Class Chapters

  • 1:00: Lipless Crankbait Setup
  • 5:00: Palomar Knot
  • 6:50: Alternative Knot
  • 8:37: Color and Size Selection
  • 12:40: Fishing a Lipless Crankbait
  • 19:40: Different Retrieves 
  • 26:00: Key Areas to Fish a Lipless 

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