Big fish Bobby Lane is here to share some tips on fishing a swimbait, but probably not the way most people fish a swimbait. Only big heavy rods, fast baitcaster reels, braided line and flipping hooks for this type of swimbait fishing. That's because Bobby Lane is fishing heavy shallow cover for big aggressive bass. In this 45-minute on the water bass fishing class, Lane will share tips on how to rig a swimbait "Florida style", for fishing in heavy cover. He will talk about the areas that he looks for that should hold fish, how to cover water, and follow up baits for when the bass miss this bait.

  • 0:15 What is Florida-style heavy swimbaits?
  • 0:35 The right rod, reel & line for fishing heavy cover swimbaits
  • 2:28 Rigging a heavy cover swimbait and the bait, hooks & weights you need
  • 7:13 Fishing this swimbait rig around heavy shallow cover
  • 13:21 Why you need the weight on this heavy cover swimbait
  • 15:47 What Bobby Lane is searching for when fishing shallow cover with a swimbait
  • 16:53 Why it's always important to keep an eye on the bait and what's going on around the bait
  • 18:10 The areas that Bobby Lane is looking for, most people will pass up. How shallow will bass go?
  • 21:23 What Bobby Lane likes about the Berkley Powerbait Grass Pig Swimbait rigged on a Berkley Fusion19 Hooks Heavy Cover
  • 23:38 Why making long casts is important with this technique
  • 26:49 How to know that you have your swimbait rigged perfectly and you're fishing it correctly
  • 27:37 Power fishing a swimbait like this allows you to cover a lot of water
  • 35:16 Good follow-up baits for if a bass blows up on a swimbait but doesn't hook up

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