Recent Bassmaster Open bass fishing tournament champion Bobby Lane is back with Bass University TV to talk about straight tail worms vs. curly tail worms. Lots of people ask, "When do I fish a straight worm instead of a curly-tail worm?" or "How do I choose when to fish a curly worm over a straight-tail worm?". Bobby Lane spends half his life on the water, so he has a lot of time to think about these types of things, and has some tips on how making the right decision at the right time can make a difference in getting a tournament check and going home empty-handed.

Bobby Lane's Worm Fishing Tackle

Bobby Lane's Worm Choices for Straight & Curly Tails

In this video, you will learn how Bobby Lane rigs his sugested worms, using Tungsten Weights & Lazer Trokar Big Nasty Offset Worm Hooks. He will teach you how to choose when to fish an action-packed curly tailed worm vs. when to fish a finesse neutral action straight-tail worm. You will learn lots of other tips and techniques for bass fishing with a texas rigged soft plastic worm.

  • 0:19 Straight tail vs curly tail worms
  • 2:19 Tackle setup for worm fishing
  • 6:14 Soft plastic worms
  • 11:31 Rigging a curly tail worm
  • 15:01 Why fish a straight tail over a curly tail worm?

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