Bobby Lane is known for flipping heavy cover with big tungsten weights, but in any given day, there are lots of flipping and pitching targets that do and don't require heavy punching weights. Even within a stretch of water you intend to punch in your day on the water, there are likely isolated targets in the area that may hold fish. In this bass fishing instructional video class, Bobby Lane encourages you not to get caught up in doing one thing all day. Even if you're flipping and pitching all day, your punching setup probably isn't ideal for hitting an isolated laydown, dock or clump of grass. It's important to be prepared for sparse cover situations, floating mats, and the thick stuff (like hyacinth mats). Learn how to make the most out of a stretch of mats by being prepared to hit all the prime areas with the proper presentation, without spooking fish. 

  • 0:15 Overview of why flipping weights matter plus storage & hooks
  • 2:04 Big flipping stick setup for fishing a Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Creature Hawg in heavy cover
  • 4:58 Setup for fishing mats that aren't as thick
  • 7:43 Setup for fishing very sparse cover or fishing targets with a bait like the Berkley Powerbait Maxscent The General Worm
  • 14:02 The importance of using Berkley Maxscent
  • 15:35 Fishing scattered/isolated cover
  • 16:46 Why adjusting your weight size will help you catch more bass
  • 18:10 How to fish an isolated piece of cover
  • 20:50 Flipping and pitching some thicker cover (but not the thickest stuff)
  • 26:39 Punching heavy grass mats
  • 30:19 Catching a bass in the thickest cover
  • 31:44 Why bass get in hyacinth, and what it looks like
  • 33:56 Making the most of your spots and identifying other possible areas, in case conditions change
  • 39:39 It's all about the rate of fall
  • 41:22 Demonstration of switching weights for different targets and choosing the optimum setup for the cover

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