Veteran Angler JT Kenny is on the water with Bass University to break down a technique that is near and dear to him, punching heavy cover. A technique that has won tons of money on tournament circuits around the world, but very much so in the great state of Florida.

JT breaks down his setup and tackle which is beefed up compared to your average presentation. Heavy line, big rod, big weights, and big hooks are what's needed to punch heavy vegetation. 

JT gets on the trolling motor and breaks down key areas and indifferences to look for when punching heavy mats. He also breaks down how to punch heavy cover and the technique.

Join JT and Bass U on the water to learn how to become efficient at punching heavy cover. 

Punching Heavy Cover For Bass Chapters

  • 0:10: Punching Matted Vegetation 101
  • 4:05: Punching Setup and Tackle
  • 19:07: How to Punch Heavy Cover

Are You Looking For Answers To These Punching Grass Questions?

  • Why has punching heavy cover been successful in winning money on tournament circuits?
  • What are the key elements of JT Kenny's setup and tackle for punching heavy vegetation?
  • Why does JT Kenny emphasize the need for heavy line, big rod, big weights, and big hooks in this technique?
  • What insights does JT Kenny share about key areas for punching heavy mats?
  • How does JT Kenny explain the technique of punching heavy cover?

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