In this completely remastered bass fishing video, JT Kenney dives deep into fishing lily pads. For starters, there are different kinds of lily pads, and they grow in different environments, and each holds fish better at different times of year or in different concentrations. JT Kenney begins by breaking down the types of pads and when/how to fish them. JT goes in to share tips about breaking down vast expanses of pads and how to catch tournament-winning bass out of lily pads instead of scaring off the better fish. JT finishes out the seminar with a story about one of his biggest bass that he caught, which he caught out of lily pads.

  • 1:24 Different kinds of lily pads
    • 2:17 Spatterdock and a great time of year to target them
    • 6:00 Dollar pads - when they're good and when they're not
    • 9:21 Flat pads or elephant ears & tips for fishing them
  • 14:04 Isolated pads versus lily pad fields
  • 16:10 Breaking down lily pad fields, determining where to fish and how not to spook the fish
  • 27:32 JT Kenney caught one of his biggest bass on lily pads

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