Join Professional Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Bassmaster Kayak Series Champion, Greg DiPalma, as he takes you on an immersive journey into the world of fishing aquatic vegetation from a kayak. With a wealth of experience spanning both the boater and kayak sides of professional fishing, Greg brings a treasure trove of knowledge to this exclusive Bass University class.

During the class, Greg delves into the crucial gear needed for success when fishing from a kayak amidst heavy cover. He shares invaluable insights on his rod, reel, and line selections, along with adjustments he's made to optimize his rod choices while kayak fishing. Greg emphasizes the advantages of using a longer rod from a kayak, providing anglers with the leverage necessary to handle bass in dense vegetation.

Topwater frogs are a key focus as Greg unveils the different types and colors that have yielded him the greatest success in this unique fishing environment. Discover the allure of topwater frog fishing and how it can lead to thrilling encounters with elusive bass.

When it comes to finding fish during the summer, Greg reveals his winning approach. Whether it's targeting areas with current or seeking out depth changes around cover, his proven strategies are sure to improve your chances of landing big catches from your kayak.

Moreover, Greg shares the art of stealth in kayak fishing, providing you with tips to adopt a quiet and stealthy approach. Learn how to leverage your paddle as an anchor, enabling you to get closer to bass without disturbing them.

If you're eager to elevate your kayak fishing game and gain invaluable insights from a true champion, this Bass University class with Greg DiPalma is an opportunity you won't want to miss. Prepare to absorb a wealth of knowledge and practical tips from a seasoned pro, and take your kayak fishing adventures to the next level.

Kayak Fishing Aquatic Vegetation Class Chapters

  • 0:30: Intro
  • 2:00: Frog Color Selection
  • 2:45: Frog Selection
  • 5:00: Fishing Heavy Cover from a Kayak
  • 7:30: Key Factors in the Summer
  • 11:50: Rod Adjustments in a Kayak
  • 13:20: Line Selection and Positioning 
  • 16:25: Tackle Management

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