Scott Martin fishes frogs & toads a lot around vegetation in Florida, but topwater frogs can be used all over the country. In this bass fishing class seminar video Scott Martin shares some frog tips that will help you catch more fish and spend less time pulling grass off your lure. Learn the tackle Scott Martin uses and how her rigs his topwater frog for the best action, sound & hookups without getting backlashes or lots of scum on your lure every cast.

  • 1:07 Florida baits & techniques, but they work anywhere
  • 2:46 Scott Martin's favorite frog
  • 11:11 How your frog runs on top of the water is key
  • 13:50 Why is topwater frog sound important?
  • 19:47 Topwater frog fishing tackle
  • 20:40 Southern winds in Florida
  • 23:21 Adding rattles?
  • 25:58 Pro tip for keeping grass & slime off your bait
  • 29:19 Fishing line for topwater frogs
  • 33:45 Selecting the right size hook & how to rig
  • 38:36 Rod position when fishing topwater frog

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