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Scott Canterbury narrowly missed the final day cut at the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on the St Johns River in Florida. Scott took the stage for The Bass University to share tips on how he caught bass on a swim jig in vegetation on this tidal river. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Scott talks about the swim jig bait, trailer and tackle he uses to fish a swim jig around vegetation and why he didn't choose a chatterbait or Texas rigged worm. Scott breaks down the seasons for fishing a swim jig and offers tips on when to set the hook, why a long rod is important and his favorite swim jig colors. 

  • 0:37 Talking swim jigs with Scott Canterbury
  • 1:22 Ways to fish a swim jig
  • 2:00 Where to fish a swim jig
  • 2:43 Scott's favorite colors & sizes of swim jigs
  • 3:36 Swim jig trailer
  • 4:32 Tackle for Swim Jig fishing in Florida lily pads
  • 4:52 Where bass are going to setup in the vegetation
  • 5:56 How to fish the swim jig in vegetation
  • 6:39 Why use a longer rod for swim jig fishing?
  • 9:20 Bass are opportunistic feeders
  • 10:35 Hooking & landing bass on a swim jig
  • 15:24 Why Canterbury chose a swim jig on St Johns River
  • 18:46 When to throw a swim jig
  • 21:54 What was the right tide on the St Johns River?
  • 23:54 Swim jigs on flooded lakes
  • 25:26 Sound or rattles in swim jigs

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