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Scott Canterbury is a long-time FLW $1m+ winner, who joined the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2019. Scott had a great rookie year by finishing 2nd at Winyah Bay on his way to being named the 2019 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year 2019 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Championship tournament on Lake St. Clair. A big part of Scott's success comes from fishing docks. In this 56-minute bass fishing class video seminar, Scott Canterbury will share tips, tactics and techniques for locating and catching bass around and under docks.

  • 0:42 Scott shares some information about crankbaits sounds and why rattling baits aren't the only lures that make sound
  • 2:41 Introduction to fishing docks and what Scott covers in this class
  • 3:33 Seasonal bait of choice for dock fishing
  • 5:05 All docks are not created equal. Scott breaks down how to determine what you're looking for and how to maximize your fishing efficiency
  • 9:06 Bait selection, modification and tips for fishing docks
  • 18:38 Efficienctly targeting bass by depth/weight
  • 21:06 Fishing equipment for dock fishing : rods, reels & line
  • 26:55 Color selections for dock fishing
  • 28:41 Approaching docks
  • 37:47 Changing jig trailers
  • 42:34 More on jig color selection
  • 47:00 More of the importance of rod selection
  • 47:30 Fish what you're comfortable with
  • 49:55 Difference between flipping and pitching (with demonstration and tips)
  • 52:39 What to fish if a jig won't catch them under and around docks

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