Scott Canterbury joins The Bass University in Gadsden, AL in this bass fishing video seminar on how to fish buzzbaits. More specifically, where, when and how to fish buzzbaits. Scott is a former FLW angler that moved to the Bassmaster Elite Series for the 2019 season. He loves fishing topwater lures, including buzzbaits, because they get violent reaction strikes and they catch big fish. Watch this bass fishing video and learn how to fish a buzzbait and how to catch more big fish.

  • 1:44 Scott Canterbury loves fishing topwaters and buzzbaits because it catches big fish
  • 5:38 Characteristics of a bass and why some reasons they will or will not eat a bait
  • 6:42 When Scott Canterbury fishes a buzzbait
  • 7:25 Buzzbait size, blade, trailer & skirt/plastic selection
  • 26:29 Rod, reel and line selections for fishing a buzzbait
  • 28:33 Tips for skipping a buzzbait
  • 32:28 Blade and soft plastic combinations for lift and getting bites
  • 33:37 Buzzbait colors
  • 34:35 Inline buzzbaits
  • 35:11 Running counter-clockwise and clockwise blades together and when you want a buzzbait to run straight
  • 36:25 Fishing vegetation/grass with a buzzbait
  • 39:44 Different buzzbaits that Scott Canterbury fishes
  • 43:55 Question & answer about buzzbaits with Scott Canterbury

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