Swim Jigs with BASS AOY Scott Canterbury

2019 Bassmaster Elite Series Angler of the Year Scott Canterbury was in Gadsden, AL in the winter to share his tips and tactics for fishing a swim jig. In this bass fishing instructional training seminar, Scott will help you learn how to fish a swim jig with confidence and help you get big bass bites.

  • 0:06 When does professional BASS angler Scott Canterbury swim a jig?
  • 0:44 Why fish a swim jig for bass?
  • 1:04 How Scott Canterbury fishes a swim jig
  • 2:38 Tackle for fishing a swim jig
  • 5:38 Swimming a flipping jig vs a bullet style jig
  • 7:37 Technique differences in Northern vs Southern styles of swim jig fishing
  • 11:26 Jig sizes, trailers and colors
  • 17:34 Other places to fish a swim jig and tips for those situations
  • 22:34 Fishing docks with a swim jigs
  • 26:47 Fishing blowdown/laydown trees
  • 31:14 When are the best times to fish a jig?
  • 33:00 More on fishing grass with a swim jig
  • 34:25 The California swim jig
  • 35:54 Question and answer on swim jigs with Scott Canterbury
    • 35:54 Do you prefer a swim jig over a chatterbait?
    • 36:24 What weight does Scott Canterbury start with whe fishing a swim jig around boat docks?
    • 37:08 Weather conditions for successful swim jig fishing
    • 38:00 Tips for skipping a swim jig
    • 40:12 Fishing line for swimming a jig
    • 41:10 Rattles in a swim jig? Scott talks about customizing a jig out of the pack.
    • 43:16 Braid preference
    • 43:49 Water clarity for fishing a swim jig

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