Fred Roumbanis likes to put his trolling motor on 60-80% and just go all day. Covering water is key and he likes to fish fast. Lots of guys cover water with search baits like crankbaits. Fred believes that a swim jig offers a fast-moving bait with a single hook that allows you to wench them right into the boat. Watch this remastered bass fishing seminar class video to learn about Fred Roumbanis's favorite swim jigs, colors, sizes and trailers and how he fishes them throughout the seasons of the year.  Ready to get started fishing swim jigs?

  • 0:21 Covering water with a swim jig
  • 1:35 Swim bait characteristics
  • 3:01 Tackle for fishing swim jigs
  • 5:18 Swim jig colors
  • 6:08 Sizes (weights) of swim jigs and how to fish in different types of grass
  • 9:06 Bass fishing docks with a swim jig
  • 9:48 Rocks
  • 11:15 Can you fish a swim jig in the winter?
  • 15:34 Spring and the spawning process and Fred Roumbanis's favorite trailers
  • 23:57 Summer
  • 25:25 Fall / Autumn
  • 26:45 Trimming a weed guard on a swim jig
  • 28:18 Putting a trailer hook on a swim jig
  • 29:00 Throw a spinnerbait instead?
  • 30:13 Where to fish a swim jig in the water column
  • 33:24 There's always more than one way to win a tournament
  • 34:04 Covering water
  • 41:23 Deep swim jigging

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