Swimbaits are one of the most effective lures for catching big bass. These baitfish imitators have become a mainstay in many anglers' lineups – and for good reason. Picking the right swimbait and presentation can be tricky, though. In this seminar, Fred Roumbanis talks through several of the different options on the market. Roumbanis highlights how to fish weedless swimbaits and how to fish line-through swimbaits, as well as how to pick the best swimbait rods. 

While many people opt for natural color patterns on their baits, Roumbanis also recommends trying out a variety of options – including darker colors that aren’t normally associated with swimbaits.  

  • 1:40 When To Throw Weedless Swimbaits
  • 2:10 When To Throw Line-Through Swimbaits
  • 2:35 Best Setup For Weedless Swimbaits
  • 7:00 Best Setup For Line-Through Swimbaits
  • 12:00 Selecting The Right Color Swimbait
  • 16:35 How To Retrieve Weightless Swimbaits
  • 20:00 How To Retrieve Line-Through Swimbaits
  • 28:45 When To Throw Solid White Simbaits

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