In this completely remastered bass fishing class seminar video, Fred Roumbanis (aka Boom Boom) was with The Bass University back in 2015 to share tips for selecting the right swim jig and fishing the water column top to bottom. Fred talks about how he fishes various swim jig weights and trailers to cover the surface down to deeper water. Learn the tackle Roumbanis uses for different size swim jigs, his favorite go-to colors (and some off-the-wall colors for special situations), best trailers, customizing swim jigs with blades and more! 

  • 0:07 Fred Roumbanis talks about sharing all the swim jig secrets
  • 0:26 "The great thing about a swim jig"
  • 2:22 Fred Roumbanis's swim jig, components and go-to colors
  • 5:00 Early spring colors, off-the-wall color skirts and matching trailers
  • 7:55 Which size swim jig and colors for different situations
  • 9:03 Fishing a swim jig on the surface
  • 13:22 Fishing a swim jig just below the surface
  • 17:48 Fishing swim jigs around shallow cover like shallow docks walkways
  • 19:32 Fishing a swim jig with a blade
  • 35:31 Trailers
  • 37:19 Other baits

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