MLF Bass Pro Tour professional bass fishing tournament angler Fred Roumbanis joined Pete Gluszek and Pat Renwick live at the 2019 Bassmaster Classic.

  • 5:00 Fred Roumbanis introduces the Optimum Boom Boom Line-Thru Swimbait and talks about what makes it special and the sizes that are available
  • 7:12 The Stanford Baits Boom Boom Hollow Body Poppin' Frog
  • 13:45 Black and blue and some other non-traditional frog and swimbait colors
  • 14:51 The process of designing a lure like the poppin' frog and fishing lures that are exactly how you wanted them designed
  • 17:08 Dealing with confidence change when conditions change and fish move
  • 24:19 Fishing rod, reel and line recommendations for fishing a swimbait
  • 31:50 Bass U Battle : Fred Roumbanis and Pete Gluszek address a fictional scenario for Lake Okeechobee 
  • 40:52 Fred's experience out on the MLF Bass Pro Tour

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