Fred Roumbanis talks about the subject of schooling bass in this fishing educational seminar class video, which was recorded in Kokomo, IN in early 2020. Bass will school by nature, but they are more prone to do it at certain times of year. Follow along as Fred shares some of his favorite lures for catching schooling bass. Learn how to locate schools and how to activate the baitfish to get schools biting.

  • 0:06 Bass schooling isn't a random or isolated event
  • 1:57 Targeting groups of bass vs isolated bass
  • 3:59 The trick to maximizing active schools and catching doubles
  • 4:57 Ima Little Stik 135 Walking Bait
  • 6:44 Want to catch triples? Fred's tip for capitalizing on actively feeding schools
  • 8:33 Ima Skimmer Walking Bait
  • 9:51 Post-spawn offshore schooling bass
  • 11:21 Big Spooning for schooling bass
  • 16:49 Lipless crankbaits
  • 19:04 What is schools shut down when conditions change?
  • 20:35 Topwater popper tips
  • 23:00 What to do when you see the bass schooling
  • 24:41 More great baits for schooling bass
  • 26:59 Fred Roumbanis's top schooling bass bait that you have to have
  • 27:54 Easiest way to locate schooling fish
  • 29:32 The double fluke rig
  • 32:34 Question and Answer with Fred Roumbanis on schooling bass
    • 32:47 Using lure dye
    • 34:42 Stinger hook on spoons and frogs
    • 35:50 Trick for keeping line out of prop bait
    • 38:31 Difference between bluegill and shad as bass forage
  • 40:18 How to activate schools of bass

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