Lots of tournaments are now won offshore. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar, Jacob Wheeler talks about 2 main topics : locating bass offshore with electronics & the baits he uses to catch them. In the first portion, Jacob talks about why he prefers using Humminbird & Lowrance electronics and what's he's looking for to hold bass. In the second portion, Jacob goes over his favorite offshore bass fishing baits.

  • 0:18 One of Jacob Wheeler's favorite open water bass fishing techniques and why it wins tournaments
  • 1:50 Quick jerkbait fishing tip
  • 5:00 Getting into deep water bass fishing
  • 5:25 Electronics units for deep water bass fishing (Humminbird vs Lowrance for side imaging, down imaging, techniques for specific units, etc.)
  • 11:45 Down imaging and how to distinguish bass from other types of fish
  • 17:45 What you're looking for to find schools of bass and catch them
  • 23:04 More on Humminbird vs Lowrance
  • 23:37 Electronics offshore bass fishing success story
  • 26:51 Offshore bait selection (swimbaits, crankbaits, jigs and more) and ensuring that you catch the biggest bass in the school
  • 33:02 Techniques
  • 50:28 Humminbird Autochart

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