Like many bass anglers, topwater bass fishing is Jacob Wheeler's favorite way to catch bass. It's exciting and it wins tournaments. In this remastered bass fishing class seminar video, Jacob Wheeler walks you through his 4 favorite topwater bass fishing baits, the tackle he uses to fish each, the times and places he fishes the baits, his favorite colors and modifications that he makes to some of them.

  • 0:10 Topwater bass fishing is one of the most exciting ways to catch bass, but it's also a successful in tournament situations
  • 1:12 Jacob Wheeler's fishing background
  • 2:20 Topwater versatility and understanding productive times and baits
  • 3:19 A great summertime topwater bait for fishing around the bluegill spawn and the tackle you need to fish it
  • 24:31 Buzzbait and buzz toad bass fishing tips and tackle
  • 37:41 Walking baits like Rapala Skitter Walk Walking Bait and modifications
  • 44:23 Jacob Wheeler's 4 favorite topwater frogs, colors and modifications

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