Hall of Fame Bass Pro Mike “IKE” Iaconelli is teaming up with Bass University to share insights on his preferred hard bait selection for fall fishing.

Ike delves into the different phases of fall and their significance in determining bait choice and bass location. Understanding these phases is crucial for anglers as they influence bass movement.

He dissects his top three hard bait selections for the fall/winter transition describing their effectiveness and recommending the appropriate gear necessary for success on the water.

Lastly, Mike provides in-depth guidance on fishing these essential hard baits during fall, detailing specific techniques and retrieves that can entice substantial bites. This on-the-water class with Mike Iaconelli is an unmissable opportunity to grasp the intricacies of fall fishing and see giant bass come out to play. 

Mike Iaconelli's Fall Top 3 Hard Baits Chapters

  • 0:13: Introduction 
  • 2:45: Fall Phases
  • 12:05: Top Fall Hard Baits
  • 26:30: Spinnerbait Techniques
  • 41:30: Jerkbait Cadence/Techniques
  • 49:50: Fall Jig Approach

Get Answers To These Fall Hard Bait Fishing Questions

  • What does Ike focus on when discussing the different phases of fall?
  • Why is understanding fall phases crucial for bass anglers to be successful?
  • What does Mike Iaconelli do regarding his top three hard bait selections for the fall/winter transition?
  • How do you fish Mike Iaconelli's top 3 fall hard baits for bass in autumn and early winter?

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