Bassmaster Opens winner and Elite Series Pro Kyle Patrick is joining Bass University on the water to discuss fishing hard and soft jerkbaits.

During the session, Kyle will cover his selection of hard jerkbaits and soft jerkbaits, as well as the rigging involved. He will also delve into his two setups for jerkbaits. According to Kyle, mastering the cadence is crucial, and he will provide guidance on how to work a 110-style jerkbait and a zoom fluke-style jerkbait.

For anyone looking to enhance their skills with hard and soft jerkbaits, don't miss this on-the-water class with Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Kyle Patrick and Bass University..

Hard & Soft Plastic Jerkbait Class Chapters

  • 0:17: Jerkbaits Introduction 
  • 1:00: Cadence + Jerkbait Selection 
  • 4:38: Hard Jerkbait Setups 
  • 8:03: Soft Jerkbaits Rigging + Setups 
  • 17:14: Fishing Hard Jerkbaits 
  • 32:06: Fishing Soft Jerkbaits

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