4th Year Bassmaster Elite Series angler, BASS Rookie of the Year and College National Champion Jake Whitaker is with The Bass University to talk about weightless soft plastic techniques. Whitaker is from the Carolinas, and went to college at UNC Charlotte, around lakes like Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Lake Murray & Lake Marion. Lakes in the Carolinas are known for being relatively clear, with lots of docks, herring & shad. Jake uses shares his experience with using weightless soft plastics to catch bass in water as deep as 10ft in various situations. Fishing weightless doesn't mean you have to be fishing slow, you can cover a lot of water with weightless soft plastics.

  • 0:19 Get to know Jake Whitaker, 4th year Bassmaster Elite Series professional tournament bass angler
  • 1:56 Why would you want to throw a weightless soft plastic bait?
  • 3:31 When to throw weightless soft plastic lures?
  • 6:45 Floating worm / trick worm - where, when & how to fish a Big Bite Baits Finesse Worm, the tackle you will need, bait colors, tips & tricks
  • 14:34 Soft plastic senko-style baits - where & how to fish a wacky rig soft plastic stick bait like the Yamamoto Senko and Jake Whitaker's favorite colors
  • 36:16 Fluke-style baits - When, where & how to fish a soft plastic jerkbait like the Zoom Salty Super Fluke. What is a donkey rig and how to you rig it?
  • 45:35 Soft plastic swimbaits - Sizes and hooks for fishing a soft plastic swimbait
  • 49:55 Other situations for fishing weightless soft plastic baits

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