Swim Worm 3-in-1 Soft Plastic - JT Kenney

Swim Worm 3-in-1 Soft Plastic - JT Kenney


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There's an often-overlooked soft plastic lure that is highly versatile, catches lots of fish, and makes a great search bait. It's called a swim worm, like the Netbait Big Bopper Paddle Tail Worm, and it's easy to rig and can be fished 3 different ways to cover the entire water column. Join JT Kenney on the water in Florida as he talks shares tips on tackle, rigging and fishing for this multi-purpose soft plastic bait.

  • 0:19 The swim worm (aka speed worm) - a great search tool and effective fish catchers
  • 0:49 What is a swim worm, how does it differ from a regular Texas rig, and what's so great about it?
  • 5:41 3 Bass-catching ways to fish a swim worm
  • 7:47 Secret to rigging a swim worm properly
  • 11:00 When and how JT Kenney usually fishes a swim worm
  • 13:12 Tackle & components for swim worming
  • 16:31 On the water swim worm fishing demonstration of 3 different retrieves by JT Kenney
  • 19:46 Picking apart a grass bed and finding grassier and more open areas
  • 20:33 Setting the hook and catching a bass on a swim worm

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I am an avid above average fisherman on the white river system. I think the interviews are outstanding by Pete Gluszek. And I am not blowing smoke up your pantleg. Always leaves with a thought or technique to try. Just been a member for a year, but find it VERY EDUCATIONAL. I attempt to try something new that I learned from a video, each and every time I go out. Your product is big time and I am a former coach. Pete has some serious teaching skills in him.
- Brad D.