Whether you need to turn your difficult fishing day around, or if you need to catch one more big fish to close out a great day, Cliff Crochet has some tips in this bass fishing video seminar that he calls "Speed Kills".

  • 0:39 What does Cliff Crochet mean by "Speed Kills"?
  • 1:35 Cliff Crochet's favorite "speed kills" lure, the Luck-E-Strike Cajun Wakebait, the tackle he uses, why he likes this lure and how/where to fish it
  • 13:07 Flipping a 1oz. jig or texas rig, the tackle he uses, when/where/why/how he fishes it and why it's great for fishing as a co-angler (non-boater)
  • 18:50 "Speed Kills" cranking with a Luck-E-Strike Squarebill Crankbait, the tackle he uses and where/when/why/how he fishes it
  • 26:23 Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap or Luck-E-Strike Freak Crankbait, dredging the shallow waters. How/when/why/where to fish this technique
  • 32:41 Bill Lewis StutterStep where/when/how/why to fish this topwater bait (or other walking baits)
  • 37:28 Chatterbait / Bladed Jig - Waking and fluttering
  • 42:50 Changing your setup on Flukes to change the action and get more bites
  • 43:55 Question & Answer

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