David Dudley is one of the winningest bass tournament anglers of all time, with over $4m in earnings, 9 pro level wins and 3 FLW AOY titles. In this bass fishing seminar, David shares his approach to simple color selection, and notes the handful of exceptions. Lurn about David's color choices for soft plastics, crankbaits, jigs and more.

  • 0:16 Why David Dudley doesn't have a flippin' jig in his boat
  • 1:13 Mentality, confidence and mechanics
  • 5:10 David Dudley's approach to color selection
  • 9:12 Fishing is a lot like chess
  • 13:05 Contrast in lure colors
  • 16:24 Smallmouth are a different breed...
  • 21:00 Clearer water vs. stained water, which color does David Dudley prefer?
  • 22:18 Great color for fishing the spawn
  • 23:04 Selecting crankbait colors
  • 26:12 Jig colors and contrast
  • 32:35 David Dudley's color modification tip
  • 34:09 Scent in freshwater fishing

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