David Dudley is an MLF Bass Pro Tour Angler and is one of the winningest professional anglers of all time. Dudley joins Bass University in this seminar talking all about that action. 

The rate of fall is important in all aspects of bass fishing. Dudley dives into the trend of how lighter baits have been proven to be more effective in this day and age. 

Dudley breaks down action by various different lure categories. Dudley repeats that no action is action. The trend is that these simple do-nothing baits have taken over the industry and become some of the best fish catchers. 

David highlights the effects of pressure on bass and shares study findings, shares his experiences from years fishing professionally, breaks down test results from baits he has tested personally, and more! The discussion ends with the use of unconventional baits like dice and rest ring poop baits. Join Bass University and David Dudley in this seminar about action.

Bass Fishing Lure Action Class Chapters

  • 0:18: Introduction
  • 2:39: What is Action?
  • 19:35: Rate of Fall
  • 27:00: Trends and Swimbaits
  • 39:00: Bladed Baits and Jigs
  • 46:50: Hard Baits
  • 51:45: David Dudley Question & Answer

David Dudley's Lure Action Class Summary

  • Dudley discusses the importance of action in bass fishing.
  • Focus on rate of fall, lighter baits' effectiveness, various lure categories' action breakdown.
  • Simple "do-nothing" baits are industry game-changers.
  • Dudley shares pro fishing experiences, bait test results, and engages in Q&A

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