4-time FLW angler of the year David Dudley sits down with Pete Gluszek for a Bass Univeristy TV interview. In this year's highly successful season, David fished the swimbait a lot. Learn some tips and tricks for fishing a swimbait and how not to prefish in this 30 minute interview. 

  • 0:19 David Dudley bass fishign tournament career accomplishments
  • 2:10 David Dudley on getting into the winner's circle and the increasing quality of the tournament field
  • 5:31 The information age of fishing replaced trial and error and mentorship
  • 9:51 You can't teach instinct, but you can learn to trust it
  • 11:05 Swimbaits - like Megabass Magdraft & Keitech Swimbaits
  • 19:32 Where to fish swimbaits (and what to fish where it's too shallow for swimbaits)
  • 22:00 Swimbait retrieves
  • 25:04 Spinning rod or baitcasting for finesse style swimbaits
  • 27:06 Not pre-fishing for bass tournaments

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