One of the most crucial components of being a top angler is finding a good area and being able to pick it apart. While a lot of anglers will admit to leaning more toward power – or finesse – fishing, the combination of the two can help you successfully land your best bag. In this on-the-water seminar, Grae Buck explains how he uses the combination of a Chatterbait, drop shot, and Neko rig to locate fish in an area during practice – and make the most of them on tournament day.

  • 1:00 Covering Water With Chatterbait
  • 2:45 Drop Shotting An Area
  • 3:10 Neko Rig
  • 3:30 Chatterbait Colors And Trailers
  • 8:30 Selecting The Right Chatterbait Rod
  • 11:15 Drop Shot Setup
  • 15:15 Setting Up A Neko Rig
  • 20:30 Retrieving A Chatterbait
  • 34:40 Slowing Down With The Neko Rig
  • 41:00 Switching To A Drop Shot

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