Glide baits are one of the most popular – and successful – big fish baits on the market. Did you know they’re also a useful tool when it comes to finding fish in an area? In this on-the-water seminar, Grae Buck shares his technique for using glide baits not only to catch large bags on tournament day, but also how he uses the technique to locate fish in practice that he can later go after with different lures.

  • 1:45 Picking The Right Glide Bait
  • 8:40 Rod And Reel Setup
  • 11:00 Importance Of Fluorocarbon
  • 11:45 Why To Use A Glide Bait
  • 13:00 How To Retrieve A Glide Bait
  • 16:00 Setting The Hook With A Glide Bait
  • 19:30 Listen To The Fish
  • 23:10 Fishing Around Structure
  • 28:45 Knowing When To Put It Down
  • 30:00 Making Changes
  • 33:25 Pay Attention To Your Baitfish

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glide baits grae buck on the water

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