Bass Pro Tour Angler Grae Buck grew up fishing marinas in the Northeast. Grae joins Bass University in this on-the-water class that dives into breaking down and targeting bass in marinas. 

Grae explains why marinas can be so good throughout the seasons. Buck goes through his rotation of baits that he likes to use to attack marinas. Grae keeps his approach simple, he uses three to four different baits no matter what part of the country he fishes. 

Grae heads to the front deck and starts breaking down the marina that he’s fishing going through his rotation of baits and hitting the hot spots of the marina. 

Join Bass University and Grae Buck on the water to learn from a BPT professional on how to target and break down marinas. 

Grae Buck Targeting Bass in Marinas Class Chapters

  • 0:17: Keys to Marinas
  • 3:00: Baits and Approach 
  • 6:58: Transition Zones + Time of Year
  • 9:53: Rotation of Baits in Marinas 
  • 23:30: Breaking Down a New Marina

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