Some people love the Ned Rig, and some people hate it. Regardless of where you stand on the finesse technique, one thing is certain: it flat-out catches bass. In this on-the-water seminar, Grae Buck breaks down multiple setups for fishing Ned Rigs anywhere from 40+ feet deep for post-spawn bass to sight fishing for smallmouth in less super shallow water. Buck goes over his favorite rods, reels, line, and tackle to help you get a better feel for this technique. 

  • 0:50 Fishing Ned Rigs In Shallow Water
  • 3:00 Rod And Reel Setup
  • 4:40 Heavy Ned Rig
  • 8:15 Right Rod For Deep Water
  • 9:40 Color Selection
  • 11:30 Targeting Buoys
  • 16:15 When To Use Heavier Jig Head
  • 23:45 Targeting Bass In Rocks
  • 32:40 Different Types Of Ned Rigs
  • 36:00 Managing Your Drag Setting
  • 37:30 Connecting Braid To Flurocarbon
  • 53:30 Light Ned Setup
  • 1:03:00 Targeting Cruising Fish

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grae buck ned rig on the water

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