Major League BPT Angler Grae Buck joins Bass University on the water to take a deep dive into one of his favorite techniques that he utilizes all over the country. 

Grae relies on a chatterbait (bladed jig) all across the country and it helped him qualify for the Bass Pro Tour (BPT). The chatterbait is a super effective technique in and around submerged vegetation and Grae shows why. Grae breaks down his go-to setup for a bladed jig including his rod, reel, line, preferred chatterbait, and trailer from Z-Man. 

Tune into this on-the-water class with Bass Pro Tour Angler Grae Buck and Bass University if you are looking to improve your chatterbait game in and around shallow cover. 

Grae Buck's Bladed Jig Class Chapters

  • 0:17: Buck’s Chatterbait History
  • 3:35: When/Where to Fish a Chatterbait
  • 4:43: Rod, Reel, and Line Setup
  • 9:07: Chatterbait and Trailer Selection
  • 16:16: Triggering Strikes
  • 18:12: Fishing Submerged Vegetation

Grae Buck Bladed Jig in Submerged Vegetation Class Summary

  • Grae Buck, a professional angler in the Major League BPT, is featured in this Bass University exclusive on-the-water class
  • He delves into one of his favorite bait, a bladed jig, which he employs nationwide.
  • Buck emphasizes the chatterbait's effectiveness, particularly in submerged vegetation, a key factor in his qualification for the Bass Pro Tour.
  • Throughout the session, Buck details his preferred setup for a bladed jig, covering rod, reel, line, and his choice of chatterbait and trailer from Z-Man.
  • This on-the-water class offers insights into improving one's chatterbait skills in shallow cover.
  • Alos covered: ideal times and locations for a bladed jig, techniques for triggering strikes, and strategies for fishing submerged vegetation.

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