Bass Pro Tour Rookie Grae Buck joins Bass University on the water to teach all about one of his favorite techniques, flipping and pitching. 

Grae dives into his bait selection when flipping, simplifying his approach to a four-bait approach. Grae talks about his rod, reel, and line selection for this technique. Grae also demonstrates how to tie his favorite knot for flipping and pitching, the snell knot. 

Grae heads to the front of the boat and picks apart milfoil beds, Grae harps on efficiency and fishing those high percentage areas. 

Join Grae Buck and Bass University in this on-the-water class that teaches you everything you need to know to become a master of the flipping and pitching technique.

Grae Buck Flipping & Pitching Class Chapters

  • 0:14: Grae Buck Introduction 
  • 1:30: Flipping Baits Selection 
  • 3:40: Setups and High Percentage Areas
  • 13:15: Rigging (Snell Knot) + Efficiency 
  • 19:48: Picking Apart Milfoil Beds 

Grae Buck Bass Fishing Class Summary

  • Grae Buck joins Bass University on the water to teach flipping & pitching in the grass.
  • He simplifies bait selection to four key choices and discusses rod, reel, and line selection.
  • Demonstrates tying his favorite knot, the snell knot, for flipping and pitching.
  • Emphasizes efficiency and fishing high percentage areas while targeting milfoil beds.

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