Your line and knot choices are your direct link to lures you use to catch bass. The line and knots need to stand up to different fishing conditions, the hook set and landing the fish. Pete Gluszek has confidence in 3 knots that he uses 100% of the time. In this on the water bass fishing class, Pete will talk about why he uses each knot, the frequency he uses them then demonstrates how to tie each knot.

  • 0:22 We're talking about fishing knots
  • 0:57 The improved clinch knot - direct to lure knot
  • 8:12 The palomar knot - dropshot knot
  • 11:18 The albright knot - braid to fluorocarbon knot
  • 17:12 Flipping & pitching with improved clinch knot
  • 21:10 Leader material for albright knot around cover
  • 23:02 Pete demonstrates his confidence in his knots

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