When to Stay and When to Go - Mike and Pete On the Water

When to Stay and When to Go - Mike and Pete On the Water

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One of the most important decisions to make when fishing, which often determines to tournament wins or losses, is the decision of when to stay and when to leave. In this on the water bass fishing instructional video tournament anglers Mike Iaconelli and Pete Gluszek will discuss:

  • Positive fishing conditions vs. negative fishing conditions - Should the fish in an area be hard to catch? How do the conditions dictate if I'm in the wrong area?
  • What is Mike Iaconelli's hour rule? What should I change within an area? When should I stop making changes within an area and completely change areas?
  • How can fishing history negatively effect your day on the water?
  • What do I do in a tournament if I'm culling for ounces, but another area might have a kicker fish? Is there anything I can do to maximize my culls if I stay?
  • What do Mike and Pete think about saving fish for tomorrow in a multi-day tournament scenario?

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