The percentage triangle is the concept Brandon Palaniuk uses for locating high percentage areas where the bass are likely to be, based on the season and water temperature. The next time you study a lake map, you will be able to utilize the percentage triangle to locate big bass for your upcoming fishing trip or tournament! The theory is understanding seasonal movements and high percentage areas that are likely to hold big females. Brandon breaks down each season, how it relates to the triangle and some of the best lures to use to target the biggest bass in that time of the year.

  • 0:20 The history and theory of the percentage triangle to catch above-average-sized fish, founded by Seth Burrill, and how Brandon Palaniuk started using it
  • 4:00 This theory easily applies to all bodies of water, so you can take it anywhere, and it even works on fish species other than bass
  • 8:00 What do you need to utilize the percentage triangle theory for locating bass and establishing a bass fishing pattern?
  • 9:54 Locating the "triangle" and areas of interest
  • 12:56 Visual aid for the percentage triangle and where bass will be located in different seasons
  • 14:28 Percentage triangle river example
  • 15:55 Triangles within triangles
  • 22:16 Example of triangle within a triangle
  • 23:27 Winter seasonal bass movements and tackle for each season
  • 28:06 Early Spring bass locations and best baits
  • 32:54 How the percentage triangle plays during the spawn and lures for catching the big females
  • 36:12 Late Spring (post spawn) bass migration and baits to entice big female bass
  • 39:21 Summer bass location and best big bass baits for this time of year
  • 42:09 Fall/Early winter breakdown

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