Brandon Palaniuk is back on a highland reservoir in the early Spring pre spawn targeting bass in ~57 degree water with a glide bait, jig, dropshot and jerkbait. The lake he is fishing is clear and deep, so he's using his Humminbird electronics and LakeMaster Maps to locate prime pre spawn areas. This body of water also has trout, which can change the behavior of bass and affect your rule selection. Join Brandon as he goes out in search of highland reservoir bass and maybe a trout.

  • 0:15 Finding the fish is the hardest part
  • 0:59 The first consideration in finding bass
  • 3:33 Breaking down a hypothetical prespawn day on the water
  • 6:37 Considering the forage in the lake or river
  • 7:54 Breaking down a new body of water with LakeMaster Maps
  • 11:53 Day-to-day VS seasonal bass movement
  • 12:53 Selecting bait & color based on water clarity
  • 16:13 Why did I catch that bass?
  • 19:25 How a glide bait works
  • 21:05 How Brandon Palaniuk chose his starting location
  • 24:00 Using electronics at the console & the bow
  • 27:53 Water running into a lake
  • 33:05 Fun of glide bait fishing
  • 35:29 Forward-facing sonar view of fish following bait
  • 39:12 More fish look at your bait than you think
  • 44:12 Danger of new technology like forward-facing sonar

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