Glide Baits - Brandon Palaniuk

Glide Baits - Brandon Palaniuk


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Brandon Palaniuk spent 3 years with Arashi developing a much more affordable glide bait (sub $40) that also met his strict specifications. Learn about this new bait, which is available for pre-order as of the time of this writing, and how to fish glide baits for bass.

  • 0:57 The Arashi 'Glide' Glide Bait
  • 4:35 What advice does Brandon Palaniuk have for someone new to glide baits, who may be intimidated by such a large and heavy lure?
  • 7:12 Tips for fishing a glide bait from Brandon Palaniuk
    • 7:21 When should I fish a glide bait?
    • 8:40 What are the ideal conditions for fishing a glide bait?
    • 9:29 How do I generate a bite from a interested bass on a glide bait?
    • 12:24 Rod, reel and line for fishing this larger and heavier bait
    • 14:37 Glide bait color selection
    • 15:43 Tips for hooksets and landing bass on the glide bait
  • 18:47 The drawing power of glide baits to attract bass "followers"

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