Jared Lintner is a West Coast transplant now living in Georgia, but he firmly believes that big fish West Coast techniques like glide bait fishing will work everywhere on multiple species of bass. In this video, Lintner goes out on a local Georgia lake with a glide bait for the first time. In this on the water bass fishing class, Lintner talks about the history of glide baits, the different styles and manufacturers of glide baits and the tackle you use to fish these bigger baits. After going over the equipment, Jared goes out on the lake in search of his first Georgia glide bait bass. Watch and learn as Jared talks about fishing various types of structure and cover with glide baits, how glide baits can play a part in a winning tournament bass fishing strategy, and see if Jared boats his first Georgia bass on a glide bait.

  • 0:15 History of glide baits
  • 1:37 Glide baits work! They catch all species of bass and not just during the Spring, and it catches the biggest bass you'll catch all year
  • 5:44 Different styles of baits
  • 9:42 Glide bait action and retrieve
  • 14:46 Line, rod & reel for fishing a glide bait
  • 20:39 Getting a good hookset with a glide bait without losing your bait
  • 21:57 Getting started with glide bait bass fishing
  • 23:17 How fishing a glide bait differs from fishing other bass fishing lures
  • 24:09 Fishing floating docks with a glide bait for big bass
  • 31:37 Where to cast and boat positioning to ensure the bait stays in the strike zone
  • 33:02 Modifying glide baits to get them to the right depth
  • 33:50 Where can you catch bass with a glide bait?
  • 35:32 Glide bait tournament bass fishing strategy
  • 36:52 Jared Lintner moves to the bridge pilings and continues to talk about tournament strategies
  • 41:54 Jared Lintner catches his first Georgia bass on a glide bait in a laydown tree

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