Jared Lintner is out on Lake Lanier in Georgia to talk about a somewhat forgotten West Coast finesse technique, the darter head. While this rig may not be as popular as modern day finesse techniques, when conditions get tough, fish get suspended or fishing pressure is high, this rig will still catch a lot of fish. As Lintner shares, don't be surprised to catch some big fish on it too. It's a natural presentation and the bait looks like an easy meal that bass can't resist. It gets in their face and produces a lot of bites. In this bass fishing on the water class, Lintner shares what jighead weights he fishes, the tackle he uses to fish this technique, some areas where he likes to fish it, where you'll often get bites (and how to detect them), how to fish a darter jighead and some of his favorite soft plastics from Jackall and Gary Yamamoto that he likes to fish on this rig.

  • 0:20 What is a darter head and why should you fish it?
  • 2:34 Jighead weights
  • 3:35 Baits that Jared Lintner throws on a darter head
  • 8:14 Tackle for fishing a darter head jig (rod, reel & line)
  • 13:51 Spotted bass bite the darter head so well that Lintner catches a fish while getting his tackle ready for his on the water technique demonstration
  • 15:00 Lintner talks about the area he selected to fish the darter head
  • 15:53 How to fish a darter jighead and soft plastic rig
  • 17:44 Another good place to fish a darter head
  • 18:21 More on why to fish the darter head over other techniques, even other finesse techniques
  • 19:08 When Jared Lintner started fishing the darter head
  • 21:23 Braid to fluorocarbon leader
  • 22:16 Other good places for fishing a darter head
  • 24:51 Changing darter head jighead weights/sizes
  • 25:34 Lintner ends his demonstration with another spotted bass catch on the darter head

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