Professional angler Jared Lintner is passionate about catching big bass using heavy line and a big tungsten weight, a technique known as "punching." In this educational session filmed on Lake Seminole during the late winter or early spring, Jared shares his comprehensive approach to navigating through dense vegetation and explains the essential setup crucial for success in this fishing method.

Jared demonstrates how to tie his preferred knot, the snell knot, specifically useful when using a heavy braided fishing line and a large weight. Throughout the session, he showcases fishing techniques in challenging areas, advising on identifying and effectively fishing in high-percentage areas while highlighting common mistakes to avoid when dealing with dense cover.

If your local lake features heavy cover similar to what Jared encounters, consider joining him and Bass University in this on-the-water class. By participating, you can gain valuable insights to enhance your efficiency and confidence when fishing in such demanding conditions.

Jared Lintner's How to Punch Matted Vegetation Class Chapters

  • 0:07: Punching Setup
  • 6:40: Snell Knot
  • 11:55: Punching Baits
  • 16:40: High Percentage Punching
  • 30:50: Punching Mistakes
  • 32:30: Drag Setup
  • 35:30: Covering Water
  • 38:50: Stealth Approach/Efficiency 

What's Covered in This Grass Punching Class?

  • What is Jared Lintner's favorite fishing rod for punching matted vegetation?
  • What should you look for in a reel when fishing grass mats?
  • Which braided line does Jared Lintner recommend for fishing in matted vegetation, and what lb. test does he suggest?
  • What size weight does Jared Lintner use for punching into the grass?
  • What type and size of flipping hook does Jared Lintner prefer for punching matted vegetation?
  • How do you determine the right size weight for punching into mats for bass?
  • What components and knot does Jared Lintner use for punching matted vegetation, and how do you put them together?
  • What are some braided fishing line tips for flipping and punching?
  • What are Lintner's favorite baits and the best times of the year to fish them in grass mats?
  • What are some high-percentage areas for flipping and punching matted grass?
  • What types of bites can you expect, and what retrieves should you try for different conditions and seasons?
  • What are some bait selection tips for punching matted vegetation?
  • Is it recommended to switch hands with the rod after making a flip or pitch?
  • Can there be too much grass cover when punching mats for bass?
  • How can you achieve a quiet lure entry into the water with a big craw bait and a big tungsten weight?
  • What are the recommended drag settings for punching matted vegetation for bass?
  • How can you ensure you don't disturb key spots as you approach the grass mat?
  • How do you avoid getting stuck in the grass or getting debris on your bait with each cast?

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