Jared Lintner joined The Bass University in Columbus, Ohio to share some West Coast tips for fishing a powershot. Not all situations allow for a 6-8lb. line and spinning tackle. On lakes with more dense cover, sometimes, you'll need to beef up your tackle to go after bass with the dropshot technique. Learn about powershotting in this bass fishing instructional class video seminar with Tackle Warehouse pro Jared Lintner.

  • 0:46 From dropshotting to powershotting
  • 2:04 Tackle and rigging a powershot (rod, reel, line, hook, weight & bait)
  • 12:00 Fishing a powershot and why/when/where it's effective
  • 17:18 Extreme powershotting tackle and tips
  • 22:32 Braid to fluoro knot for powershotting
  • 23:44 Powershotting questions from Bass University students
    • 23:53 How long do you fish other power techniques before moving to the powershot?
    • 27:51 Setting the hook on the powershot
    • 29:30 Exposed hooks on a powershot
    • 30:53 Why Jared Lintner started using a powershot
    • 33:28 What water clarity can you throw a dropshot in?
    • 36:04 Concern about bait diameter and the amount of plastic?
    • 37:30 Weight for powershotting

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