MLF bass fishing profressional Jared Lintner joins The Bass University in Columbus, OH in this bass fishing educational seminar video. Jared got started bass fishing on the West Coast and has decades of experience and has had great tournament success fishing a lipless crankbait. In this bass fishing video, you will learn the recommended tackle for fishing a lipless crankbait, seasonal color patterns, places to fish a lipless crankbait, how to fish/retrieve a lipless crankbait and more!

  • 0:04 Introduction to lipless crankbaits and Jared Lintner's success fishing them in his professional bass fishing career
  • 1:51 Jared's preferred setup for fishing lilpess crankbaits (specifically the Jackall TN/70 Lipless Crankbaits). Learn why the rod is the most important piece of equipment for fishing a lipless crankbait, and what characteristics you're looking for. Jared also discusses line, reel and hook selection.
  • 10:53 Jared Lintner's favorite color patterns for lilpless crankbaits
  • 11:37 You don't necessarily need grass to have success fishing a lipless crankbait
  • 15:09 The importance of the retrieve and angles when fishing a lilpless crankbait for bass
  • 23:35 Seasonal considerations and colors
  • 30:53 Rattles and sound
  • 41:40 How Jared Lintner begins getting dialed in on how the fish want a lilpess crankbait
  • 44:16 Fishing a lipless crankbait in laydowns
  • 47:28 More color combinations for various seasons

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