Alex Davis believes there is one best way to fish a lipless crankbait. That may sound like a bold statement, but there are several other variables to consider. In the end, when you've experimented with all the different baits, sizes and colors, one retrieve catches gets more strikes. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Alex Davis shares tips on making sure you have the bait dialed in for the season and the conditions. It will take some experimented with things like rattles vs 1-knockers vs silent lipless crankbaits, but Alex helps you understand what fish are feeding on throughout the year to ensure you've got the right size bait, the right color choice, to fish the right depth zones. Alex also shares helpful tips to be a successful lipless crankbait fisherman, like: tackle for keeping fish hooked, best hooks for when fish swipe at a bait, whether subtle color changes matter, best times of day to fish a lipless crankbait and more! Ready to start fishing Alex Davis's lipless crankbait system? Check out the tackle above.

  • 0:15 Lipless crankbaits, or some folks refer to the whole genre by the Bill Lewis brand name Rat-L-Trap, are versatile baits that can catch fish all year
  • 1:08 Winter lipless crankbait bass fishing - where to look for bass in the winter and early Spring months
  • 6:26 The ONLY time in the Spring to NOT fish a lipless crankbait for bass
  • 6:49 Spring lipless crankbait bass fishing - post spawn and shad spawn
  • 8:34 Do you fish a lipless crankbait in the summer?
  • 9:00 Fall/Autumn lipless crankbait bass fishing
  • 11:03 Bassheads, get ready, because here come the nuggets and the juice on lure selection
    • 11:20 Alex Davis's favorite lipless crankbait
    • 12:42 Lipless crankbait for when they start moving up shallow
    • 13:20 The shallowest lipless crankbaits
    • 13:54 Deeper lipless crankbaits
  • 15:08 Alex Davis's lipless crankbait system for the whole year
    • 15:12 Color for January & February in different water clarities
    • 18:46 Baits for Spring and prespawn
    • 21:37 Postspawn lipless crankbaits
    • 23:16 Autumn - matching the forage with your lipless crankbait
  • 25:13 Bass fishing tackle to land fish on lipless crankbaits
  • 33:00 How to retrieve a lipless crankbait when fishing for bass (how to yo-yo)
  • 36:53 Cat and mouse example
  • 38:30 Rattles vs 1-knockers
  • 42:02 Do you change hooks on a lipless crankbait?
  • 45:42 Targeting fish feeding times in different seasons
  • 48:13 Techniques for clearing grass off lipless crankbaits
  • 50:11 What season is best for the yo-yo retrieve?
  • 50:58 Why choose a rattling bait instead of a 1-knocker
  • 52:34 Thoughts on silent lipless crankbaits
  • 53:51 How important are finishes on crankbait colors?
  • 54:49 Making adjustments with lipless crankbaits for clear water
  • 55:55 Lipless crankbait colors for dirty water
  • 57:35 Selecting the right rod length for yo-yoing lipless crankbaits

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