When you think grass fishing, a few techniques to mind. Flipping and pitching. Froggin’. Lipless crankbaits. One technique that can be just as deadly, but often less talked about, is fishing a jerkbait around grass edges. Not only are you able to cover a lot of water quickly, but you’re also giving bass something not every angler is throwing. In this seminar, Alex Davis breaks down the different types of jerkbaits he uses, and how to efficiently fish them around matted vegetation.

  • 1:00 Fishing Fall Grass
  • 4:30 Learning Jerkbaits
  • 9:50 Picking The Right Color
  • 13:15 Focus On Fishing
  • 14:50 Having The Right Setup
  • 16:30 Line Selection
  • 18:45 Sinking vs. Floating Jerkbaits
  • 20:30 Changing Hooks
  • 24:00 Finding the Right Retrieve
  • 28:00 When To Throw Different Jerkbaits
  • 29:30 Timing It Right
  • 35:00 Learning Different Types Of Grass
  • 38:55 Tips And Tricks
  • 45:35 Feeding Windows
  • 47:45 Finding Fish In Warmer Water
  • 49:30 How Line Size Impacts Casting
  • 54:00 How Birds Can Help
  • 1:00:00 Forward-Facing Sonar

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