In this Bass University exclusive bass fishing video seminar, FLW professional tournament angler JT Kenney "The Grass Wizard" breaks down different types of baits for targetting different types of grass. Kenney talks about which baits have the best efficiency (coming through the grass) and productive (hook-up percentage). JT Kenney goes in depth about jigs, punch rigs and texas rigs and how to determine when you should switch between fishing them.

This JT Kenney Grass Fishing Instructional Video Covers
  • Tips for selecting the right tungten weight to punch grass (is my tungsten weight damaging my line?)
  • Do I need a special jig for fishing matted vegetation?
  • How do I get a bait into completely matted grass cover?
  • What size weight do I use to get through the heavy grass?
  • How do I get big bass hooked and out of the vegetation?
  • There are miles and miles of grass in the lake, where are the bass?

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