Peter Gluszek, the Dean of The Bass University, is on the water with a flipping stick and some big tungsten weights, ready to punch through some grass mats. In this on the water class, Pete will take you around to different types of grass you might encounter. Pete uses mostly the same equipment, but he shares some changes and modifications he makes with line, weights, casting, etc to penetrate the thicker vegetation. Ride along as Pete shows how to approach the grassy areas, determine the best spots and how to entice bass to bite. Learn when bass are more likely to group up under matted vegetations. Also, Pete will show how he works a punching bait to immitate 2 key types of forage, elicit strikes, and how he gets a good hook set.

  • 0:18 Why punching matted grass vegetations is great for catching big bass
  • 1:37 Gear/tackle for punching grass mats (rod, reel, line, weight & hook)
  • 10:51 Bait colors for pitching and flipping into mats
  • 12:51 Seasons where punching mats is more prevalent
  • 17:11 Overview of what Pete Gluszek will be covering in this on the water fishing demonstration
  • 17:54 Floating grass (grass that's not attached to the bottom). Pete talks about getting the bait through the mat, detecting strikes, getting reaction bites, what areas of the mat to target and tricks for fishing this type of matted vegetation
  • 35:26 Matted vegetation that's attached and growing. Gluszek talks about what he's looking for (signs of life), various densitities of the matted vegetation, being stealthy when fishing matted vegetation, outside edges vs thicker areas, efficiency and more
  • 47:02 Working a creature bait and keys to getting bites
  • 50:45 Setting the hook is key for your strike-to-catch ratio and success in grass fishing
  • 54:43 Different types of algae
  • 56:05 Changing punching weights
  • 57:50 What's happening with the punching bait underwater?
  • 1:00:08 Fishing deep inside the matted vegetation
  • 1:01:54 Fishing more dense matted vegetation
  • 1:11:00 Punching extremely dense mats
  • 1:18:52 Breaking down a complex mix of grasses and algaes

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