The Dean of the Bass University Pete Gluszek is on the water talking about one of his favorite techniques that has helped him win more trophies than any other technique, flipping and pitching. 

Pete goes through his tools that he uses to flip and pitch. The Dean talks about his rod, reel, and line choices when flipping and pitching. The Dean relies on three different bait choices when flipping and pitching, a stick bait, a creature bait, and a jig. This on the water class will guide you to success with this technique and break down conditions and scenarios on the water so you are ready to put this technique to use. 

Join Pete Gluszek and Bass University on the water to break down flipping and pitching for big bass. 

Pete Gluszek Flipping & Pitching Class Chapters

  • 0:15: Introduction to Flipping & Pitching
  • 2:25: When to Pitch and Flip 
  • 5:35: Tools for Flipping and Pitching
  • 20:18: Flipping and Pitching 101 
  • 27:15: Conditions and Bait Selection
  • 34:50: Time, Place, and Habitat for Flipping

What's Covered In This Flipping & Pitching Class?

  • Learn Pete Gluszek's go-to techniques for winning bass tournaments: flipping and pitching.
  • Gain insights into the essential tools, including rods, reels, and lines, that The Dean relies on for successful flipping and pitching.
  • Explore three key bait choices – stick bait, creature bait, and jig – and understand when and why to use each.
  • Dive into on-the-water scenarios to understand the conditions and habitats where flipping and pitching excel.
  • Immersive guide covering tools, technique basics, bait selection, and strategic considerations for flipping and pitching bass fishing success.

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