In this remastered bass fishing video class seminar, Pete Gluszek talks about how to adjust to changing conditions. These condition changes could be one or a combination of many things, including: weather frontal systems, rain, rising & falling water, fishing pressure, current changes, and more! Learn how Pete Gluszek adjusts to changing conditions. Pete shares tips on when he moves to different areas, what baits he uses, when he slows down or speeds up and why wind can be your friend.

  • 0:07 Adjusting to conditions is one of the most important things to learn to become a consistent angler
  • 3:15 Overview of various types of changing condition changes
  • 6:39 Spring cold fronts - where to and where to not look, as well as some great lures to consider when a cold front moves in during the Spring
  • 25:42 Fall cold fronts - how they differ from Spring cold fronts and some of Pete Gluszek's favorite Autumn cold front baits
  • 31:48 Winter bass fishing
  • 34:55 Bass fishing in the Summer
  • 39:10 Stable conditions
  • 41:37 Wind can be your friend or your enemy
  • 48:42 When clear water turns muddy & and when it starts to get clearer
  • 51:18 Current
  • 55:23 Rising and falling water levels
  • 56:50 Fishing in the rain
  • 57:50 Adjusting to fishing pressure

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